Why We Created LinkFolio

At FamePick, we set the gold standard for the ever-evolving social creator industry. As one of the first companies to run 'white label' ads on Facebook and Instagram, we built the celebrity market on social while growing a list of premium brand partners early on.

Last year, we broadened our business to include influencers, giving them exclusive tools to find and vet the best brand deals so they can focus on what they do best—create. 

Now, we added LinkFolio to our product lineup. Together with the FamePick Media Kit, FP insights, Knowledge Hub and Brand Outreach, LinkFolio gives both established and up-and-coming influencers the ultimate toolkit to help them capitalize on their personal brands.


In addition to integrating social metrics, LinkFolio offers its very own analytics. That way, you can see metrics like how many visitors click on your LinkFolio URL and which links they’re interested in most.